This video series follows author Jeff Somers (Writing Without Rules, coming from WD Books in May 2018) as he begins and works on a new science fiction novel, tentatively titled Rough Beast. Demonstrating the tips that appear in his upcoming WD book, Jeff checks in at regular intervals to discuss how to write a novel, as well as the progress he’s made (or the lack thereof), the problems he encounters, and the decisions he makes as he goes from Chapter One to an 80,000+ word novel over the course of several months. Along the way, he is frequently assaulted by cats, suffers frequent existential crises, and discusses the art and craft of fiction in detail.

Episode 1: How to Write a Novel

Author Jeff Somers (Writing Without Rules) commences work on a new science-fiction novel in a style similar to his popular Avery Cates series, tentatively titled Rough Beast. He plans to Vlog about the experience in real-time, creating videos along the way to discuss his progress, the challenges he encounters, and how his many cats are driving him insane.

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